45th International Film Festival Rotterdam

27 January 2016

'Tis the season again! Yes, the 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam is kicking off again tonight! Witness the world premieres of 47 films from, and let’s be reasonable, directors/actors you probably never heard of. This year’s edition of the festival will also have a homage to deceased pop star David Bowie. For 11 euros you can watch the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth starring Bowie himself. A debatable choice to say the least. If you think this has an air of profiting from someone’s death around it, you are absolutely right in my humble opinion. But please be your own judge.

Because there are a whopping 252 films being shown at the festival, you can use a “Don’t Panic Film Choice” tool if you find it all a bit overwhelming. Answer the five the questions and receive your personal film advice. My personal recommendation would be Bone Tomahawk starring Kurt Russell. A horror Western with a cannibalistic Indian tribe? Count me intrigued!

The Culture Committee here at ACE> have organized a event at the opening film Beyond Sleep by Boudewijn Koole, based on Nooit meer slapen by Willem Frederik Hermans.

However all in all the films are great and if you cannot attend tonight, come on… It’s the closing party you are really interested in. Which costs 38 euros (32 for students) this year. 10 euros more than last year, because of reasons. Remember that 35% inflation? Neither did I. So, if you find yourself with too much disposable income, you can order your tickets for the closing party here:


I’ll see you there! 

by Quinten Jansen

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