Day 2 - Wednesday March 22

Programme: Modern Media

10:00-11:30 Changing Landscape of News Media:

Digital news continues to evolve, due to the outbreak of new technologies. However, with such a huge difference from traditional to new media, also come a lot of challenges and opportunities. Do you want to know more about what has changed in recent years and how to adapt to the changing landscape of news media? Are you interested in what some of the best visual journalists are thinking about it? Then visit this activity in which the owner of VJ movement, a large community with some of the best visual journalists, will tell you all about it. 

12:00-13:30 Impact of Online Communication:

Nowadays more communication takes place online, between either individuals or organizations, which is why it has become very important for organizations to incorporate online communication in their processes. But how should organizations actually communicate online and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it? Qontent Matters is the company that knows all about different strategies of online communication and the processes involved with it. Do you want to become a successful online communicator yourself and are you curious to find out more about it? Visit ‘The impact of online communication’ and become a master in it. 

14:00-15:30 Television as Digital Media:

We are all very familiar with traditional television broadcasting. But more and more broadcasters are also distributing digital media and use the internet more often. Think for example about XITE, one of the well-known music TV channels, which is also creating more content digitally. Everything XITE does is focused on providing the consumer with (personalised) music videos, but maybe the organization does also have some great opportunities for you and can definitely tell you a lot of inside information. Therefore, don’t miss out on this very interesting opportunity to get to know XITE!  

Programme: Traineeships

10:00-11:30 Traineeships Gemeente Rotterdam:

A traineeship is a unique way to give your career a flying start. During a traineeship, you will get the opportunity to work within a large company or organisation and you will be intensively prepared for the rest of your career. The ACE Career Days offer you a programme which will show you all the opportunities of a traineeship. The Gemeente Rotterdam has many oppurtunities which they will discuss during this event. Also, they may have something interactive to make sure they keep your interest.

14:00-15:30 Traineeships European Union:

A traineeship is a unique way to give your career a flying start. During a traineeship, you will get the opportunity to work within a large company or organisation and you will be intensively prepared for the rest of your career. And what a better way to start your Career than with a traineeship for the supranational European Union. Join us to learn all about your oppurtunities there and get a taste of how it is to work for this huge organisation.

Programme: Personal Branding

10:00-11:30 CV Check & Workshop:

One of the main aspects of personal branding when applying for a job, traineeship or internship is your Curriculum Vitae or CV. This is usually the first impression you make on a potential employer so you want to make sure to make this impression count. Renée Mast will provide you with an opportunity to have your CV checked and Dorianne van Schaik will give a workshop about the do’s and don’ts to ensure you make a great first impression. Knowing what to highlight and what not to mention on your CV can make the difference in either getting the interview, or ending on the denied stack. So update your CV, bring it with you and join us at this activity to ensure you land that job interview with future employers!

12:00-13:30 LinkedIn Workshop:

In this ever more digitalised world, employers scout potential employees ever more often on the internet. One of the main platforms this takes place is via LinkedIn. Guy Wijnen will provide a workshop on how to present yourself on LinkedIn to promote your chances of being scouted by potential employers or recruiters. With step by step instructions and actions a solid foundation will be created to ensure you can use your LinkedIn profile effectively and to your advantage. Of course there will also be room for questions, even regarding other forms of social media. Bringing your own laptop to this workshop is highly recommended.

14:00-15:30 Public Speaking Workshop:

Speaking in front of large groups of people doesn’t come naturally to most people. There are, however, many tricks to improve your ability to do so in front of large groups. Max Eleveld, former ESHCC student and United Netherlands public speaking coach, will provide a workshop on how to create a solid base in the art of public speaking. During this workshop, you will get acquainted with a variety of public speaking styles, learn the theory behind effective public speaking and increase your performance as a public speaker in challenging exercises. During this workshop you will combine theory and practice to improve your skills at every level.

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