Day 1 - Tuesday March 21

Programme: Corporate Communication

14:00-15:30 Public Relations:

Do you see yourself working as a PR consultant? Do you eager to solve PR crises, put brands in the spotlight, connect companies with the public and press? Well, then our activity Public Relations is the perfect fit for you! This activity will be led by COOPR, which is a PR bureau based in Rotterdam with very diverse interests, such as events, influencer marketing, campaigns and so on. They work together with both national and international brands, including Coca Cola, Netflix, Albert Heijn, MTV, Sprite and so on. During this activity, you will gain new insights in the field of public relations and you can use your own knowledge to solve the case study. Furthermore, you will get to know everything about Coopr and the opportunities they can provide you in the future.

12:00-13:30 Managing Marketing:

Always wanted to be the next successful marketer? Then you should definitely go to the presentation on Managing Marketing. The host of this activity will be LEWIS, a global communications agency that is specified in PR, marketing and digital services. Over the past few years, LEWIS has worked for many amazing brands across several sectors. The brands they have worked for include: 20th Century FOX, Pure Fitness, Hitachi Data Systems and many more. So what can you expect from LEWIS? The presentation will start with a general introduction of the company and they will discuss the various opportunities for you within LEWIS or the field of marketing in general. After this, LEWIS will discuss several case studies and you will be challenged to think as a marketer yourself.

10:00-11:30 Societal Communication:

Are you curious how the civil society or public domain turns policy into practice? Perron 14 tries to facilitate just that by creating communication strategies for these institutions. Recent developments in the public domain have created difficulties in coordination between the national and local governments. Maneuvering within this domain, between different interests, targeting specific groups and satisfying a multitude of goals, Perron 14 helps to solve a huge variety of social societal dilemmas for various layers of the government. Join us to see what possibilities you have within Perron 14 and participate in the case study to find out more about their interesting field of work.

Programme: Culture in Rotterdam

10:00-11:30 Film in Rotterdam:

De Rotterdamse Beeldmaatschappij is an organization of young, cultural entrepreneurs who have as their goal to enhance the quality of the European and Dutch documentary-making. They do this in the most Rotterdam-way possible; both feet on the ground and the sky is the limit. They are critical and innovative and they know what they want. Join their presentation in which they will show us a piece of their work and will discuss their thoughts with us. Bring your opinion and your friends, because this is going to be something totally different!

14:00-15:30 Cultural Entrepreneurship:

In order to conclude a day long programme of Culture in Rotterdam, we would like to invite you all to join us for a debate with Ellen Loots, from the EUR, Siobhan Burger of Arttenders and Ricardo Burgzorg, councilor at RRKC. Under moderation of Niels Van Poecke, they will talk about cultural entrepreneurship and how cultural policy does or does not support this. It promises to be a highly interesting debate in which four people with expertise in cultural entrepreneurship, cultural policy or both will heat up the general debate on the topic and will use their different backgrounds to highlight all aspects of the game! 

Programme: Job Interview Training

10:00-11:30 (English), 12:00-13:30 (Dutch), 14:00-15:30 (English) Job Interview Training:

Job interviews can be very tricky to tackle, yet they are so important when you are looking for a job, traineeship or internship. Astrid van der Looij will help you prepare for future job interviews by recreating job interviews in different settings. How does the type of interviewer change the course of the job interview? How do you prepare yourself? What are the biggest traps? What are the do’s and don’ts? How do you present your weaker sides? If you want answers to these questions, and test strategies in practice, join one of the three job interview trainings during the Career Days 2017 and improve both your verbal and non-verbal communication. Two of these will be offered in English and one in Dutch. 

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