Day 3 - Thursday March 23

Programme: Relevance of History

10:00-11:30 Challenges in International Relations:

Founded in 1929, Ecorys is one of the oldest research and consuliting companies in Europe. It has close to 500 employees and focuses inself in helping private and public leaders to make informed and well-founded decisions on social, spatial and economic issues. Furthermore, Ecorys focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of public policy. By achieving their client's goals, they aim to make a positive difference to society. They will be joined by Meline Arakelian from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is Deputy Head for North America and Kingdom Affairs and will talk about the challenges the Netherlands is facing in present days. Want to know more? Join us during this activity where they will go into detail about the current state or Dutch international affairs.

12:00-13:30 Research Institutions:

For this program, we invited Dr. Ralf Futselaar of the NIOD (Dutch Institute of War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies). He will give an informative speech about the career opportunities for history students within research. What is it like to actually continue using academic skills as reading and writing in order to make it a fulltime job? Besides working for the NIOD, Dr. Futselaar also served as a professor within the Utrecht University and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

14:00-15:30 History in Popular Media:

Who thinks History is not suitable for popular media? There are lots of career opportunities for history students within this field. Therefore, we invited Hasan Evrengun, who is working for the popular Dutch television series of Andere Tijden, which is part of the NTR and VPRO. With this television series, Andere Tijden strives to show topics which will enlighten the relationship between the past and the present. Not only do they want to show stories which yet remained unknown, they also try to look into new discovered facts and the unknown images behind it. In this way, the television series contributes to the discovery of the underlying meaning of actualities shown in current popular media. 

Programme: Innovation & Participation

10:00-11:30 Sustainable Innovation in Rotterdam:

Climate change is a phenomenon that will bring a lot of challenges to everyone. The municipality of Rotterdam is determined to face these challenges head on and has in a collaboration with other parties called Resilient Rotterdam, developed a strategy to not only tackle the challenges of climate change, but also to confront and untangle complexities such as urban governance and social cohesion. On behalf of the municipality and Resilient Rotterdam, Luuk van der Burgt will give a lecture about the Rotterdam Resilience Strategy and will explain the trials ahead for Rotterdam and how Rotterdam should face them.

14:00-15:30 Participation in Rotterdam:

To increase the chance of getting the job you want, it is always a good idea to broaden your skillset by not only focusing on your studies, but also to develop yourself by applying your competences in a manner you would normally not be able to when focusing solely on your studies; and when you can improve your aptitudes while simultaneously helping someone, all the better! Rotterdammersvoorelkaar connects people interested in volunteer work with social organisations and individuals that could use some help. Find out how you can bring your share of goodness into the world and improve your skills simultaneously.

Programme: Academic Development

10:00-11:30 PhD Panel:

Do you aspire to remain in the academic field after your studies? Then maybe you’re interested in pursuing a PhD. But what is it like to actually do postgraduate research? Do you want to know if a doctorate is interesting for you? Join us during our PhD panel consisting of Jan-Willem van der Mijde from the Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities and PhD candidates from all three departments who will talk about the challenges and opportunities when pursuing this academic career.The Graduate School is a joint venture which brings together the research excellence and resources of 4 faculties and a total of 10 fields of research.

12:00-13:30 Debating Workshop:

Have you always wished to be persuasive in discussions? To win the arguments with your friends by insightful analysis and effective communication skills? During this workshop you will have to opportunity to improve and test these skills so often neglected in the academic curriculum. In collaboration with the Erasmus Debating Society, one of Europe’s most successful and well-known debating societies, we give you the opportunity to do just that. Maybe you’ll even find a talent rarely explored and is this just the incentive to join the EDS or even pursue a career in which these skills of persuasion are of paramount importance.

14:00-15:30 Academic Publishing:

During your studies you’ll have read many articles by many different academic researchers or professors. But how do you actually get work published? What options are available to publish your work? Which standards have to be met to even start to pursue a publication? The Koninklijk Nederlands Historisch Genootschap (Royal Dutch Historical Society) and the Landelijk Kennisinstituut Cultuureducatie en Amateurkunst (National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts) will join to talk about the opportunities to get your work published during and after your academic career. These organisations both publish themselves and collaborate with a great many other organisations about which they will give you information about possible ways to publish your academic work.

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