Meet the 36th Board!

4 May 2017

The time has come! The sun is showing itself more and more, the end of the academic year is nearing and the candidates for the 36th board of International Faculty Association ACE have been chosen! We know September is still very far away, but they sure cannot wait to get started. We would like to introduce you to these six members, whose board adventures will start very soon!


Chairman - Christiaan van Sliedregt

Some of you might already know me but others might not, so first of all a short introduction seems in place. My name is Christaan Peter Ernestus van Sliedregt (I know it's long so you can just call me Chris). I’m a history student born and raised in Rotterdam. Upcoming year I will have the honour of representing you all as the Chairman of the 36th board of our great faculty association ACE>. We will continue the good work that has been done by previous boards. I’m looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead so that we together can further grow this great association. 

Secretary - Nick Schmitz

Hello my dear ACE'ers! I am proud to announce that I’m going to annoy you a lot next year. “How?” you ask, eh? Well, do you recall receiving any emails and newsletters from ACE>? Next year you’re going to get them from me. I’ve always been told that I’m good at writing, I love ACE> and I like beer, so there’s 1+1+1= secretary of ACE’s 36th board. Anyway, I’m supposed to introduce myself here, so here’s the standard riddle: My name is Nick Schmitz, I’m 20 years old and I like dogs and politics.

Treasurer - Puck van den Heuvel

Hello everyone! My name is Puck van den Heuvel and I will be the treasurer of our study association next year. I am currently a third year bachelor of history student. I became a member of ACE> a few years ago when I was starting as a freshman at our university. Throughout the years I have experienced many memorable moments with the other members of the association. As the new treasurer I will make sure that our association stays financially healthy. I am also a big lover of music and a frequent gym visitor. Hopefully I will meet you all next year!

Internal Relations Manager - Karim Hussainali

I’m Karim, and I’ll (hopefully) be fulfilling the function of Internal Relations Manager this next academic year. After two years of participating in a handful of committees, I decided the time was right to give back to ACE> and to pursue a board year. I enjoy being around and interacting with other people a lot, so I look forward to be doing a lot of that in the next academic year.

Aside from possessing the skill of telling the worst jokes at the worst possible moment, I’m always up for a conversation, or a quick game in Smash Bros.

External Relations Manager - Daan Richter

Hi there. Let me introduce myself for those of you that do not know me yet and for those of you who do but want to read this anyway. My name is Daan Richter and I am a history student who is hoping to finish his bachelor next academic year and I will be representing you as the new External Relations Manager of the 36th board of ACE>, for which I am very excited! By doing a board year I hope to further improve my professional skills as well as making unforgettable memories together with you guys. See you around! 

Marketing Manager/Editor-in-Chief - Romy de Wijs

Hi! My name is Romy de Wijs and I’m 21 years old. Since I’ll be finishing my History bachelor this year, next year is going to be all about ACE> – as it should be of course. As the new candidate Marketing Manager/Editor-in-Chief of our wonderful faculty association I hope to achieve great things, learn a lot and have fun. If I would have to describe myself in just a couple of words I would say that I’m ambitious, social and positive; I like writing and being on social media; I love chocolate; and more importantly: I love ACE>. 

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