A letter to myself.

13 Oct 16
What happens when you start the dialogue with yourself? Who knows you better then you? I started a discussion with Me, and interesting things started to happen!...
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Exchanging stories and tips

31 Aug 16
Satisfied but tired I take a seat at the table and throw my feet on the first chair within my reach. After twenty minutes of shoving, stumbling and sweating my two suitcases are finally ready for take-off. While I’m taking a well-deserved break from stressing out over literally everything, my mom is making me my favourite dish for our family-goodbye-diner. I’m smiling when I realise that the moment I’ve been waiting for the last couple of months is finally there: tomorrow I’m leaving for my exchange to Ottawa, Canada....
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Rrrollend Rotterdam 2016

9 Jun 16
Food, drinks and fun. That’s the best description of the Rrrollend (Rrrolling) Foodtruck Festivals. From June until October, this festival with the most delicious dishes on wheels drives around the country to let people experience the joy of consuming dishes from all over the world. ...
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21 Sep 17
17 Oct 17
Interfaculty Beer Tasting
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