​RASL: Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab

25 Mar 16
Meet RASL, a chance to get your double degree in five years and where you don’t have to be the one to think about logistics since this is being done for you. Are you already enthusiastic? I thought so......
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Say what? The Ukraine Referendum...

23 Mar 16
You might have noticed that the Ukraine referendum is coming up soon. In exactly 2 weeks, Dutch citizens can vote in favour or against the Ukraine treaty. So what does that actually mean, and how did it came to a referendum? This article will look into exactly this....
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Seeking Vintage: Personal Stories

17 Mar 16
Why do people love vintage? This article is diving into the taste for vintage, looking at vintage fashion from two perspectives.The first of Caroline Poiesz, owner and designer of Very Cherry (a Rotterdam based vintage fashion store). The second perspective is the one of a customer. It is based on a conversation with Saskia Cluistra, a vintage enthusiast, customer of Very Cherry and history student here at Erasmus University. ...
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Rotterdam viert de stad

14 Mar 16
You may or may not have already seen it, the big Ferris wheel that has been constructed next to the Markthal. Why you might ask? Well it’s because Rotterdam is celebrating the city (and has been doing so since January)! But what is the occasion? Read more about it here......
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