Rotterdam viert de stad

14 Mar 16
You may or may not have already seen it, the big Ferris wheel that has been constructed next to the Markthal. Why you might ask? Well it’s because Rotterdam is celebrating the city (and has been doing so since January)! But what is the occasion? Read more about it here......
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How to Get Through Dinner when You're a Student

11 Mar 16
To guide all the lost souls from days when you simply don't know what to cook, here are some easy and tasty meal recipes and some websites that can help you get through these days. In this article, I won’t give exact measures regarding the recipes. As I made them up myself or have heard them from friends, I think everyone is able to decide how much they want to eat and with whom. I promise these dishes won’t let you down. ...
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​Forever Young and Blonde: The Legend of M.M.

9 Mar 16
She is the ultimate icon of fame and beauty – the sex goddess of Hollywood. But perhaps the most enduring image we have of Marilyn Monroe is that of the dumb blonde. The image of the dumb blonde has surely taken a great hold over people’s imagination, and even after all the things that have been said and written about her since her death, the image still remains. But was that really all there was to her?...
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