About Exchange: An interview with Jasmin Seijbel

25 Jan 16
Last week, most students who applied for exchange got to know their final destination of the first semester of the next academic year! Are you one of them? Or are you perhaps thinking about going next year? Read on to find out more about Jasmin's experience in Italy....
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The Vegan Chronicles: Pancakes with Nutella!

19 Jan 16
Now that it’s finally getting a little colder in the Netherlands it’s time for warm comfort food. This recipe is yet again from the vegan queen Laura Miller and she demonstrates how to make pancakes with Nutella. Yes you can make your own Nutella. These vegan pancakes are very nutritious and have, yes you better believe it, homemade VEGAN NUTELLA! Have fun making this yummy and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner… Oh hell it’s suitable for every moment off the day and for every occasion....
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Tough Internship?

14 Jan 16
It can be very difficult to find a suitable internship when combining it with courses or even worse: your thesis! This article will provide you with basic tips and tricks and some links you could probably use....
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