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5 July 2017

The academic year has finally come to an end and there’s a good possibility you’ll read this while you’re either packing your bags, or you’re already drinking a mojito on the beach (and if not you should order one). However, to ensure that next academic year will be a success preparations are already in place. To achieve this we require the help of the willing and the motivated since it’s not an easy task that lies ahead... Of course we're talking about becoming one of the chairmen of the multiple committees. It’s a tough but fulfilling task and if you’re up for it: we need you!

So what can you expect?

First of all, being a chairman asks for a lot of responsibility. You are the one guiding the team while making sure that every committee member carries out his or her tasks accordingly. You’ll be in charge of the committee meetings, which means setting up the agenda and leading the meeting. Last but definitely not least you’re there to keep the spirit of the team high and most importantly: have fun!

Feeling overwhelmed by this? Don’t worry, you will not be alone .The 36th board will help and assist you if needed. Every committee has one or two board members taking part that can help out. We will also brief you at the start on what is expected of you as a chairman so you will be well informed on what you got to do.

Being a committee chairman is a heavy task and might not be suitable for everyone, but if you think you got what it takes than we need you. Send in a small resume to chairman@ifaace.nl with a short motivation on why you want to be a chairman. Don't forget to tell us which committee you prefer so we can decide on the perfect fit. Lastly, having former committee experience is a plus but not a prerequisite.

Make sure to apply before the 7th of September!

Hope to see you soon!

The 36th Board 

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