2 Bachelors; Tips and Tricks

20 April 2017

By Naomi van Kalken - Deadlines for applying for your studies are approaching! Are you still not sure whether to do a second bachelor or not? Right now, I am enrolled in 2 bachelors at the same time; History and Fiscal Law. This is not a combined program, I actually follow 2 bachelors. In this article, I will tell you how I do it, and give you some tips and tricks.

I decided to start a second bachelor, after finishing my first year of my history bachelor. I think this is the biggest tip I can give everyone; Start with one bachelor, and see how it goes! I noticed pretty soon in the year that I found History very interesting, but it was not very challenging. If you are the kind of person that gets challenged in life elsewhere, then just keep it that way. I however really like studying, so I really missed this challenge. That is why I decided to start a second bachelor.

Also if you know beforehand that you want to follow two bachelors; Do not start with two studies at the same time. The first year can be the most challenging. It is still all very new, you do not know your professors yet and their way of teaching (and grading!), and it takes time to get to know these things. So take it one at a time, and finish your first year of one bachelor, before starting another one.

Something else I really had to learn along the way is to not be too hard for yourself! I do not know how it works in your country, but in the Netherlands, we have to get 60 points a year to complete your year. This means, that doing two bachelors at the same time, means getting 120 points. I can tell you, this is A LOT. The first time I did not completed a course in one try, I was quite devastated to be honest. I quickly learned to let this go, and to be proud of the fact that I got 105 points a year instead of 60, and not to be disappointed that i did not get the full 120 points.

Two bachelors means more work, but also a bigger investment in your future. Embrace the fact that you will not finish your bachelor in 3 years. Of course, you might be able to pull it off, but you might not. And that is no problem at all! After all, even if you are a bit slower than the rest, you are doing a hell of a lot more work. So again, do not forget to be proud.

Lastly, do not forget to enjoy yourself, be proud and still keep doing thing outside of your studies. So join a club, go to the gym or hang out with friends. Your study is very important, but a little bit of me-time is also very underestimated. And of course, enjoy every bit of it, because you are doing something not everyone is capable of, so be proud!

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