A Devastating Message

6 October 2017

By Berdan Kaplan - This June, the multibillion dollar streaming company: Netflix, decided to deliver a devastating message to thousands of fans from all around the world. The science fiction drama web television series Sense8 had been cancelled and we’re all still mourning. 

Sense8 was not just a web series. Let me explain how it’s all put together. In sense8, we follow eight totally different characters from all over the globe. First, Lito Rodriguez; the secretly homosexual passionate telenovela-actor de La Ciudad de México. Going up north, we got Will Gorski, from the Chicago Police Department and his east coast neighbor and transgender, mega mind hacker Nomi Marks. Off to Europe, London to be precise, we come across Icelandic DJ Riley Blue and badass Wolfgang Bogdanow aus Berlin, Deutschland. On the other side of the world, Capheus Onyango races around the streets of Nairobi, Kenia, in his city bus. Then, from the continent of Asia; the soon-to-be-married Kala Dandekar doing her chemical research in Mumbai, India. Finally, last but certainly not least, South Korean kick box-queen Sun Bak, doing business for her rich dad in Seoul. The eight of them represent a wide scale of people around the world in an incredibly beautiful way, meaning there’s always someone you can relate to.

At one point, these eight extraordinary personalities are reborn; reborn as sensates into a cluster. Their ‘breed’ is called homo sensorium and they’re able to feel what the others feel and communicate through teleportation. Now, you might think: ‘’How is this show realistic enough for fans to be devastated by a cancellation?’’. I’ll give you the answer.

Sense8 literally has e-very-thing a show needs. It’s filmed at multiple locations around the world; it’s sci-fi combined with drama; it’s romantic relationships, also representing the LGBTQ-community; it’s excitement; it’s near-death experiences; it’s diversity on a whole other level and most of all: it’s full of expressing emotions. Sense8 won’t spare you with any personal details, which makes it so special. It’s purity at its finest and purity is what we need in this world. We need pure love, feelings and actions.

This show unites all particular sorts of people and I’m not only talking about the actual series. I’m also talking about the real-life clusters that have been formed in this world. Whenever the characters in the show were in danger, whenever they were in a difficult situation where they needed more brains to think along or whenever they just felt alone, they had each other. They were always there for every single one of them and they could always rely on their cluster. This idea of teleport communication is so unimaginable, but still, the sense8 fan community felt like they were connected in the same way. When Netflix disappointed the fans, and told them there would be no third season, they combined their forces. After a month or so, the show’s executive producer and creator, Lana Wachowski, happily shared the message to sensates all over the world, saying Netflix gave sense8 a chance to make a two-hour finale special in 2018. This all would not have happened if there were no petitions signed, no initiatives taken and most important of all: if there was no fan base created by the beautiful messages that this show has sent us. Even if we only have one episode left, sensates will stay together.

I. am. we.

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