A letter to myself.

13 October 2016

- By Naomi van Kalken

Dear Me. I hope you are doing okay. Don’t ask questions, just talk to me. After all, I am you. You can tell me everything, since I already know it. So tell me, how are you?

Me? Okay, no questions. Although this is a bit weird haha. But okay, how am I doing? Yeah, I’m good. A bit busy maybe, but that is all right!

Busy? I thought so! You are always doing so many things at the same time. Isn’t it time for you to take a break maybe? Taking some time for yourself?

Well, although that sounds great, I enjoy all of the things that I am doing right now, it gives me the feeling like I have a purpose, and that I am doing something useful.

Let me tell you something, Me. Keeping busy is not always what is good for you. Being busy is a new trend, like quinoa or avocado’s. When someone tells you they are busy, they give you the feeling like they are successful, like they made something out of their life. But let me tell you something else, being busy does not make you happy. I can tell you a little secret.. When I am lying on the couch all day, surrounded by my cats, a blanket, a nice cup of tea and maybe a bag of chips, I am extremely happy! It gives me the feeling that I am doing something solely for myself. Doing something just for the sake of you, might give you a restless feeling, like you a lazy or selfish, but it is the best thing you can do once every while.

But.. But.. People will think I am not productive. That I am letting my life pass me by, and that I am not enjoying it to the fullest. When I am lying in bed, or chilling on the couch, all I can think of are things that I could be doing that very moment. How can I relax when there is always something I can do?

That is exactly what everyone’s problem is nowadays, dear Me. But what if you look at it like this; It is your right to do nothing every now and then! After all, by doing nothing, you give your body and mind a break from your oh-so-busy life, so you can be more productive on a daily base, which gives you more free time to do more nothing. I hope you can still follow haha.

So you are saying that If I do nothing every once in a while, I can be more productive in my daily life?

Exactly! How productive do you think you can be, if you are burned out? How awesome would your life be, if you actually had the time to do the things you enjoy most? If you could just watch a movie, go and see your family or take a long walk outside if you felt like it? Nowadays, people are so busy with being busy that they miss out on the things in life that matters most. Me, I know you better then everyone! I know you enjoy going to the beach, or just wrapping yourself in a blanket to binge-watch your favorite Netflix series, so why not make time to do so?

Oh wow, it does seem like you know me, Me. And maybe you are right. Sometimes, it feels like I am always doing things for someone else.. But you know, when I talk to other people, and ask how they are doing, they just say something like ‘oh, just busy!’, and they say this with such a big smile that it looks like they are having the time of their life. I want that too. Being busy makes them look succesfull, meaningfull, and it makes them look happy. If I admit that I am doing nothing, doesn’t that make me look like a failure?

Oh Me, I feel sorry for you… Just say that you did some awesome work yesterday, and that you will be achieving greatness itself tomorrow, but not today. Today is me-time. And while you are doing that, why don’t you tell them they should do the same.

You are right. Of course you are. You are me, and you know me, so you know what is best for me. You know what? I am taking the day off. I am going to wrap myself in a blanket, order food and I won’t move for the next couple of hours, except when I walking to the fridge for a snack or an ice-cold drink. I deserve that after so many days of being busy!

You’re welcome.

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