About us

International Faculty Association ACE is the Faculty Association of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC). Its main goals are to organize study-related activities for the ESHCC students, broadening the students’ perspectives and making them feel at home within our faculty. The activities ACE organizes are historical, cultural and communication/media related, so that they are most appealing to our unique variety of students. These activities may consist of study trips, lectures, excursions, workshops and expositions. 

Furthermore, ACE also organizes social activities, which gives students not only the opportunity to connect with each other but also with the faculty and third parties. Students who become a member of ACE are eligible to participate in several committees that enable the association to organize these different activities. In doing so it will give them the opportunity to develop their social and organisational skills and learn how to work closely within a team. These skills will help the members ACE their future. 

About the name
ACE, when defined, means someone who is extremely skillful in a particular area or ability. Therefore 'acing something', means to perform with distinction. When you join the association this is exactly what the association will help you to do. You are doing that one extra thing. You are acing your social skills, future, career and other things by practicing those skills at our association!

This year's board 

Christiaan van Sliedregt    Chairman LinkedIn Chris
Nick Schmitz   Secretary LinkedIn Nick
Puck van den Heuvel   Treasurer LinkedIn Puck
Karim Hussainali   Internal Relations Manager and Vice Chairman       LinkedIn Karim
Daan Richter    External Relations Manager             LinkedIn Daan
Romy de Wijs   Marketing Manager/Editor-in-ChiefLinkedIn Romy 

Last year we celebrated an important milestone when our association turned 35. A proud moment for which we thanked all the members who have worked hard and long to get our association up to the point where we are at now. The 36th Board firmly believes that we should continue upon this path and look back at the things we have accomplished as an association, but also towards the things we want to accomplish in the future. Therefore, we feel that it is necessary to re-evaluate some key elements towards accomplishing our long-term goals. Our association is progressively growing, however if we would only focus on the present we will not only lose our identity but also our future. How we plan to do this and what this re-evaluation entails will be further explained in the policy plan.

As the 36th Board of ACE, we will retain policies that have been incorporated in the last couple of years that have been important for the progressive growth of our association. Our focus will remain on organizing both social and educational activities. We are a faculty association and therefore we want to, and should, incorporate the faculty more into our association; either by organizing more events in cooperation with professors and lecturers or by organizing events that are relevant to the academic year. This however does not mean we will shift away from the entertaining aspects of our association, as these will also be retained.

Acquisition will be an important aspect for the upcoming year. But we will not only focus on attaining more funds and sponsorships but also to expand our horizon beyond the university walls. This means not only incorporating the faculty and other faculty associations into our university, but also to look at the possibility of further incorporating alumni, businesses and faculty associations outside our own university. We have already established firm ties with several history associations and we want to do the same with associations in the fields of both culture and communication. We are not a large association but we are influential and host a great variety of different courses, which make our association so unique. Thus we feel we should show this uniqueness towards the world.

We will achieve all of these points in a professional way and further improve upon ourselves continuously. And in this manner we will focus on the growth of our association and focus on all our members, new and old, to make sure that ACE will remain in their hearts.

With burning ambitions, the 36th Board is looking forward to start the next year and continue to make ACE the best faculty association of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.