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International Faculty Association ACE is the Faculty Association of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC). Its main goals are to organise study-related activities for the ESHCC students, broadening the students’ perspectives and making them feel at home within our faculty. The activities ACE organises are historical, cultural and communication/media related, so that they are most appealing to our unique variety of students. These activities may consist of study trips, lectures, excursions, workshops and expositions. 

Furthermore, ACE also organises social activities, which gives students not only the opportunity to connect with each other but also with the faculty and third parties. Students who become a member of ACE are eligible to participate in several committees that enable the association to organise these different activities. In doing so it will give them the opportunity to develop their social and organisational skills and learn how to work closely within a team. These skills will help the members ACE their future. 

About the name
ACE, when defined, means someone who is extremely skilful in a particular area or ability. Therefore 'acing something', means to perform with distinction. When you join the association this is exactly what the association will help you to do. You are doing that one extra thing. You are acing your social skills, future, career and other things by practising those skills at our association!

This year's board 

Robin Roos   Chairman/Editor-in-Chief LinkedIn robin
Emma Louise Dailey   Secretary                                    LinkedIn Emma
Loet Liebregts   Treasurer       LinkedIn Loet
-    External Relations Manager             LinkedIn Marcin
Shreya Bhattacharya   Marketing ManagerLinkedIn Shreya 

This year will mark an important step in the process of internationalization of our association. The majority of the board this year will consist of international students, which is a first in ACE history. It is our pride and joy to really grow into being an international faculty association, wherein both Dutch and internationals are fairly represented. Our process of internationalisation is also an important step towards a cosmopolitan university culture in the future, and we, as a faculty association, have the honour of promoting this culture through our activities.

ACE stands for succeeding with flying colours, and our hope is that this board can show that, through integration of international and Dutch students, it achieves whatever they set their minds to.

This year, we will focus on multiple aspects of what ACE does as a faculty association. We will look into strengthening our partnership with brother associations and the faculty, focus on internal needs of members, continue creating opportunities for our  member base, and incorporate our alumni better.

IFA ACE should be a permanent influence on the lives of our members, our experiences and social life should stay with our members during their careers and further lives after university.

This year we will work hard to create a seamless, fun association experience for our passive, active and committee members. To reach this goal we will need to combine our efforts, disciplines and life experiences within the board. We will involve our long-time active members more in the daily routines of the association. Ask them more about what they want to see and thus, create a seamless connection between our members and the committees. In this line, we will also give committees more control but less pressure.

In short, we are motivated to build upon the trends set by boards before us. More members, events of higher quality and more collaboration, those are most important to us this upcoming academic year.

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11 Oct 19
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