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International Faculty Association ACE is the Faculty Association of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC). Its main goals are to organise study-related activities for the ESHCC students, broadening the students’ perspectives and making them feel at home within our faculty. The activities ACE organises are historical, cultural and communication/media related, so that they are most appealing to our unique variety of students. These activities may consist of study trips, lectures, excursions, workshops and expositions. 

Furthermore, ACE also organises social activities, which gives students not only the opportunity to connect with each other but also with the faculty and third parties. Students who become a member of ACE are eligible to participate in several committees that enable the association to organise these different activities. In doing so it will give them the opportunity to develop their social and organizational skills and learn how to work closely within a team. These skills will help the members ACE their future. 

About the name
ACE, when defined, means someone who is extremely skillful in a particular area or ability. Therefore 'acing something', means to perform with distinction. When you join the association this is exactly what the association will help you to do. You are doing that one extra thing. You are acing your social skills, future, career and other things by practising those skills at our association!

This year's board 

Dané van Hemert   Chairman/ Editor-in-Chief LinkedIn Dane
Kai Chen   Secretary                                    LinkedIn Kai
Albert Jan van Dalen    Treasurer/ Internal Relations       LinkedIn Albert Jan
Demi Heijboer    External Relations Manager/ Marketing Manager             LinkedIn Demi

Building on the internationalization as accomplished in the past year, this year the board continues to be a mixed formation of Dutch and International students. Additionally, the 38th board consists of students from all ESHCC study programs: IBCoM, IBACS, and History. We believe these attributes are important signifiers for the international and multidisciplinary character of ACE.

This year, we see a lot of new faces taking place in our committees. One of our main goals is to alter the culture amongst active members from being a “member of an ACE committee” to being a “member of the entire faculty association ACE”. By placing more emphasis on the social aspect of being part of a committee, we hope to increase activity of our members, and thereby increase the scope of our events. Of course, the board plays a pivotal role in making the members feel welcome.

Importantly, we should ensure that ACE truly is the link that connects students and interests from all ESHCC’s study programs, and to create a balance accordingly in the partnerships and activities that we pursue. We encourage the committees to organize an array of creative, fun, career-related and educational events, free to divert from some standardized events. 

A priority for the coming year is to create significantly more career-related offers. Many of our members are required to do internships, or are looking for jobs after graduation. In order to provide such opportunities, we will amplify our relationships with third parties and actively seek for new partnerships throughout the year.

This year, we desire a collaborative and open culture within our board, remaining critical and always hard-working. During the coming year, we want to present and be a united front at all times. By creating close ties with both our long-term and new members we will work hard to ever improve their time within ACE.  

Altogether, the main goals of the 38th Board for the upcoming year are to increase the engagement and activity of members, to provide them with more career-related opportunities, and to encourage frequent evaluations and member feedback. With that, we can contribute to the long-term growth and continuity of ACE.

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20 Jan 20
Glow in the Dark: Minigolf
31 Jan 20
Interfaculty Gala: Roaring 2020s (Early Bird)
31 Jan 20
Interfaculty Gala: Roaring 2020s (Regular Tickets)
28 Feb 20
Short Trip: Naples & Pompeii
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