Supervisory Board

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The Supervisory Board started as the Foundation 'Friends of ACE' (formerly: Vrienden van Histartes) in 2010. In March 2015 the Foundation was changed into a Supervisory Board as part of the association ACE. The Supervisory Board aims to ensure the continuity of the association ACE >.

The Supervisory Board is formed by former IFA ACE board members and it aims to ensure the continuity of the association, by advising and monitoring the current board of ACE >. This then is summarized in a letter and presented to the General Assembly four times a year. Their presence is also noticeable through both the control and application committees, since these are represented by members of the Supervisory Board. Furthermore, the Board functions as a recruiter of 'Friends of ACE' (see this page for more information). In this capacity, it organizes events for ACE Alumni such as the ‘Friends of ACE: VrijMiBo’.

This year, the Supervisory Board consists of:

Jeroen den Breejen             Chairman                             Chairman and Treasurer 31st Board                           LinkedIn Jeroen

Maaike de Keulenaar          Vice-Chairman                      Internal Relations Manager 33rd Board                        LinkedIn Maaike

Megan van der Staak          Secretary                             Secretary 31st Board                                                 LinkedIn Megan

Roy Sierens                        Treasurer                             Treasurer 33rd Board                                                LinkedIn Roy

Mel Schickel                       PR-Marketing Manager          Internal Relations Manager 34rd Board                        LinkedIn Mel

If you have any questions or want to be a Friend of ACE, please contact us by sending an email to