KORF is the Koepelvereniging Rotterdamse Faculteitsverenigingen or translated as: Umbrella Association Faculty Associations Rotterdam. The KORF is an umbrella association, which is only accessible for faculty associations from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. At the KORF adjoined associations will be represented by the Chairman of the concerning association. When the Chairman cannot be present the Vice-Chairman will take over the position. The KORF wants to create a broad cooperation between the associations to improve the position of their students. The KORF makes the collaboration between the faculty associations possible. This makes an easier and quicker way possible to exchange information between the associations. Coordinated communication towards the institutions like College of Governance of the associations of Rotterdam. In this way KORF forms a broad front and is able to serve as a voice to the outside world for our students. KORF allows the adjoined associations to have a meeting every month.

The following associations are affiliated with KORF:

Association                                                                                               Faculty

FAECTOR                                                                                                  (ESE)

Economische Faculteitsvereniging Rotterdam (EFR)                                      (ESE)

Wijsgerige Faculteitsvereniging ERA                                                            (FW)

Faculty Association SHARE                                                                         (ESHPM)

International Faculty Association ACE                                                          (ESHCC)

Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Rotterdam (JFR)                                           (ESL)

Medische Faculteits Vereniging Rotterdam (MFVR)                                        (EMC)

S.F.V. Cedo Nulli                                                                                        (ESSB)

STAR                                                                                                        (RSM)

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