Expo 2019: Dive Festival

2 April 2019

DIVE 2019 is here!

The expo committee of International Faculty Association ACE is proud to present to you DIVE 2019.

Expect an awesome art festival with visual art, music, sculpture, installations and more. Young talented artists from the Rotterdam area will present their finest work to you in one of the city's most exciting venues MONO.

This year will be centered around the theme ''GEN Y''.

What ‘Millenials' are is a much debated topic. We believe it’s a generation characterized by many different factors. Living in a constantly changing environment involving growing pressures and expectations considering topics like: social media, work pressures, climate change, racism and gender conventions, to name a few.

Through DIVE we want to make sense of different themes and topics involving GEN Y’s characteristics and issues and bring them into the light through our exhibition.

DIVE 2019 is welcoming to all, so people from every generation are welcome to create, debate and DIVE into what GEN Y is.

In the coming weeks we will be showing you exactly who and what will be shaping the festival.

Put yourself on attending to stay up to date on the exact program!

DIVE 2019 is a free event!
We would like to thank our sponsors:

Logic Vision
Erasmus Trust

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