Laser Tag

9 May 2019

Have you ever wanted to play paintball but the Dutch weather won't allow it? We have an alternative - more fun - solution for you! LASER TAG

It's an awesome way to shoot your stress and frustrations out without physically harming anyone. Or you could simply sweat out all the calories and alcohol from Kings Day.

Join us (with your squad) on Thursday 9th of May at Lasergame Rotterdam. It'll be an evening full of shooting with ZERO injuries!

What: Laser tag 
When: 9th May, 19:00 - 20:20
Where: Lasergame Rotterdam,  Parkhaven 9
3016 GM 
Price: €7.50 

Fight against your friends or shoot together. Choice is yours.
(If you don't have enough people, we'll make sure to find a group for you.)
P.s. after Laser tag feel free to join us for drinks at Cafe Stalles as it is social drink night! 

We look forward to "shooting" with you. 

- The International Committee

Regular price: € 7.50


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