Mosul Pub Lecture

5 March 2018 - 6 march 2018

We are proud to present this collaborative event between ACE, In Duplo, FAECTOR, SHARE,  and Cedo Nulli! Accompanied by the Bart Dorsman Consultancy, we're hosting a pub-lecture to raise funds for the Mosul University (more info down below), and you can help us out! We're donating 50 cents per purchased drink. Come have a drink with us, enjoy the lecture and support a good cause while you're at it!

The University of Mosul was largely destroyed by members of Islamic State, and was only recently freed a couple of months ago. Ever since then, projects have started to help rebuild it. If you'd like to receive some more additional information on the rebuilding project of the Bart Dorsman Consultancy, please click here.

When: March the 5th

Where: Grand Cafe de Dijk

Time: 20:00h

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