Parents Night

25 May 2018

Heellooo err’one! 

We invite you all to the Parents Night! Grab this chance to catch up with your parents, whilst also showing off what a smartass you’ve become at all these tutorials and lectures (if they ask, naturally we’ll cover for you, of course you go to all lectures!!👍🏼😅) 

So giv’em a call, ask them how they are, and invite them to your second home! The evening starts with a short lecture and an interactive case treatment that will be new for you as well. After that, a small tour is organized to show your parents in which building you stay up late studying, where you meet friends after exams and where you plán to do sports each week. 🙃

The evening will be closed with drinks at the Paviljoen, where there will even be a small pub quiz on everything you and your parents learned during the event and about student life in general. Here we will finally conclude who outsmarted who! 

The event will happen on the 25th of May, starting at half past 5 sharp (walk in from 17h). We do not provide dinner. However, our program ends around half past 7 or 8 o'clock in the Paviljoen, where you can have dinner after, or decide to go to the city center for a bite to eat! We look forward to seeing you there!

Besos, your loving Freshmen Committee

WHEN: Friday 25th of May, 17h

WHERE: Erasmus University, Mandeville Building

PRICE: it's free!

WHY: ‘Cause we’re worth it.

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