Picnic by Het Park

14 June 2019

As the academic year is coming to an end and sunny days are approaching, the international committee invites you for a fun and chill day at the Het Park by Euromast. Join us on the 14th of June to catch your breathe in case you’re stressing about any upcoming deadline or exam.
This event is free. All you need to bring is your energy, your friends you want to chill with, and your favourite drink.

Afraid that you might be bored or hungry?
Don’t worry we got you covered! We’ll provide you with:
- plenty of snacks
- games (frisbee, football)
- mat to sit on
- plates and plastic cups

Of course, recommendations are welcome!

What: Picnic by Het Park
When: June 14, 17:00
Where: Het Park Rotterdam, next to Euromast

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