SGN Day 2018

6 April 2018

ACE presents: The SGN Day in Rotterdam!

Studenten Geschiedenis Nederland (History students in the Netherlands) is an association that unites all the history students in the Netherlands. 

This SGN day is for these history students to meet each other, and for the first time in history this day is also for the international students!

Our theme is: ‘Get rich or die trying’. Inspired by 50 Cent’s classic album, this day will be about taking risks for economic welfare. Rotterdam has a huge history when it comes to building and rebuilding. Although, the city center was destroyed completely by the Nazis, it came back stronger than ever. Nowadays, Rotterdam has turned out to be a true attraction for tourists from all over the world.

On this year's SGN day we will give you certain opportunities to become rich, if you are willing to take risks. The activities on this day will differ from following some of the best lectures the Erasmus history department has to offer at the Maritime Museum, in the center of Rotterdam, to a hunt for a hidden secret which can be found on some of Rotterdam's best and most historical spots. Find this secret and you will be rewarded.

After a productive morning and afternoon, we will provide ourselves with well deserved beverages and pizzas. Make sure to bring some dancing shoes, as you will also be able to discover Rotterdam’s rich nightlife (without any risks to die this time).

Bring both your Hip-Hop and history knowledge, you will need it. 


Note: applications will close Friday March 30 at 12:00h.

Regular price: € 15

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