​RASL: Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab

25 March 2016

The things people develop these days often make me jealous. I mean, why can’t I think of new things that will make the world a better place? With ‘things’ I don’t only mean great objects but also great ideas. One of the greatest ideas I recently heard of is brand new but worth sharing, especially in our faculty. Meet RASL (Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab), a chance to get your double degree in five years and where you don’t have to be the one to think about logistics since this is being done for you. Are you already enthusiastic? I thought so.

Erasmus University Rotterdam – in particular Erasmus University College and the Arts and Culture Studies of our Faculty –, Codarts Rotterdam and the Willem de Kooning Academy Hogeschool Rotterdam are creating a tight bond by working together closely to create RASL. By providing a unique degree where students can combine their education at University with an artistic education at Codarts or at Willem de Kooning Academy, these three institutes are trying to set down an education for people who want to still their hunger for theoretical deepening or need a change of scenery and another way of being creative. This collaboration gives an innovative impulse to artistic practices and networks in Rotterdam.[1]

So in short: the Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab wants to offer a double degree for students with a focused content and facilitating program of five years in which students can combine two Bachelor programmes, the unique double degree. RASL is going to be a lab where arts and sciences, students and teachers, education and research will come together, with space for experiments, new partnerships and manifestations. Via the lab, partners will exchange their educational experiences and focus on innovation and the development of new educational approaches. At the moment there already exists something called ‘Blended Learning’, which is the collaboration between Erasmus University Rotterdam and Codarts. Here is being examined how digital learning resources can improve the arts education. RASL wants to broaden and strengthen such partnerships.[2]

Personally I believe this double degree program is going to be a hit. These days it is not that certain anymore that you’ll find a job immediately or that if you do find a job it is the job you actually want. With this double degree you can combine the knowledge learned in two Bachelor programs and create your own professional practice area. You’ll create your own future. Isn’t that what we all want to do?

“There are things known and things unknown, in between are the doors of perception” – RASL.

[1]http://www.rasl.nu/- video on the website

[2] http://www.rasl.nu/

by Romy de Wijs

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