Become Chairman of the 36th Board!

2 February 2017

Chairman is obviously one of the most beautiful functions of all the board, but why is that? As chairman you take care of the overall well-being of the association. You are responsible for the functioning of each board member and for creating and maintaining the team-spirit. This means organizing board trips and making sure that the internal communication goes as fruitful as possible. This all, so that the policy plan will be executed as planned.

As chairman you have the beautiful title of ‘fACE of ACE’. This means that the chairman represents the association. You maintain a healthy, professional and fun relationship with third parties, such as other associations, partners and most importantly: the members. Important when being chairman is to stay focused on the long-term goals. Due to this, ACE> will be able to keep flourishing and growing. Other affairs of the chairman are to plan, prepare and chair meetings and General Assemblies.

Altogether, the task of chairman is challenging yet rewarding. You need to focus on the bigger picture and encourage your fellow board members. You will make friends for life, inside and outside of ACE>, and you will have a wonderful experience when being chair of ACE>!

Do you have what it takes? Become part of the 36th Board! More information will follow... 

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