Become External Relations Manager of the 36th Board

8 March 2017

You might have heard the news; starting September the board of ACE > will have a new function: The External Relations Manager. In the previous weeks, you've read everything about what our board does on a daily basis, but obviously, this cannot be done with a brand new function. That's why, in today’s post, you can read about our plans for the External Relations Manager for next year!

Most importantly, you will be in charge of the external communication. This means maintaining contact with parties outside of the university. With these parties, you will negotiate discounts, or make sure they will sponsor ACE > in general or for specific events. This means you got to be a smooth talker; companies will love and hate you at the same time, and without even noticing, they will be sponsoring ACE > because you are so compelling.

Of course, this world does not revolve around money (or does it?). Besides acquisition, you will be focussing on other associations outside of Rotterdam, so you’ll join SGN (Studenten Geschiedenis Rotterdam). Also, there is lots of external communication in the Career Committee, so you will be a part of this committee as well. It is up to you, together with your fellow committee members, that the Career Days go smoothly, and that students can orientate on their career paths.

Last but not least, you will also have your ‘general’ board tasks; You will join committees, reply to your email, go to the occasional drink and interact with your members. Even though your contacts are mostly outside of campus, it is important to stay connected to the faculty and to our students! As you can see, this function will be fun, diverse, and you’ll learn a lot during a board year as External Relations Manager!

Do you have what it takes? Become part of the 36th Board!

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