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28 February 2017

As Internal Relations Manager you have by far the coolest job title, but also most difficult time explaining what it you actually do. So allow me to do the difficult work and explain it in the easiest way I can think of: you talk. You are responsible for communicating ACE’s ideas with the ESHCC staff, sorting out what books are needed for our booksale and trying to find ways to connect ACE activities to the faculty. You also listen: to staff members, to the heads of department, to the dean and to the History, A&C and IBCoMmittee. This way I stay up to date with what is going on in the faculty and making sure that ACE is an asset for the faculty.

 To go through a typical week, my day starts with writing emails. I for example get in touch with a lecturer about a collaboration for a future activity. We exchange ideas and plan a meeting to develop our plans further. Once that is done I fill in datumprikkers (a tool well known by our committee members which we use to plan meetings). Sometimes I feel the ‘manager’ in my title refers to the management of my agenda, because I have to balance out meeting with our board, lecturers, other ESHCC staff and my committees. I love the diversity of my activities and I’m learning a lot about planning. I represent the ACE board in the three committees that are related to the different ESHCC departments; History, Arts & Culture and Media and Communication, so when I’m done with my emails I check what’s up with these committees and prepare for our meetings. The afternoons are usually for meetings. I might brainstorm with program coordinators about reaching students, or talk to a head of department about ways to cooperate with each other. 

In between I place and take calls at the office, mostly about our book sale. I talk about orders that have been placed and try to solve problems when they occur. Traditionally, the internal relations manager is also the financial controller. This means you work together with the treasurer to make sure the association is financially sound. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about making bud gets and bookkeeping. Don’t worry, you’ll get a training on how to do that. So during the week I also make time to check our finances and discuss them with our treasurer. The evenings are reserved for activities organized by our committees and our social drink. I love to see what people come up with and look forward to these evenings, to relax and talk to our members/friends

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