Become Marketing Manager/Editor-in-Chief of the 36th Board!

14 March 2017

As Marketing Manager, your week is very diverse. No week is the same! A big part of your job description is social media; After all, it is 2017 and our phones are our lives in a way. Although a lot of our communication goes through our Facebook page, the website is just as important. As Marketing Manager, this is your responsibility. You keep in contact with the company responsible for hosting the website, and you make sure everything is up-to-date and that there is content.

Furthermore, you consult with your committee members, to talk about their promo planning’s, or perhaps to brainstorm about new house styles for their events. This way, you know if everything is in line with the house style ACE> has. Of course, not all of the promotion is being delegated to the committees, so you will have to dive into Photoshop and InDesign to create new banner pictures, awesome posters or new items and gadgets for our members. This will all help you to promote our association on campus and during the Eurekaweek.

Starting September, EmbrACE will be part of the job description. You, together with your committee chairman, will be responsible for the magazine! This means brainstorming about possible themes, reading and editing articles, maintaining contact with the printer and making sure your designer knows what you’re going for! If you are in need of an creative outlet, there is always the possibility to write your own articles. There is also the online EmbrACE you will have to fill, and it is up to you, your chairman and your committee to let EmbrACE reach her full potential!
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31 Jan 20
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31 Jan 20
Interfaculty Gala: Roaring 2020s (Regular Tickets)
28 Feb 20
Short Trip: Naples & Pompeii
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