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13 February 2017

As you might have guessed, the secretary is responsible for the written communication with the members and third parties. De facto this means that you have to sieve through a lot of mails and letters and decide if it is something that the other board members should see or if the paper could be put to better use - in recycled form - for example as the paper on which the funnies are written in a newspaper. Of course some mail is important and demands a reply. As secretary you are responsible for replying to any questions the members or third parties might have. 

The secretary is also responsible for keeping an account of all the current members and processing any alterations. You are also responsible for keeping track of who is coming to an event. In effect this means you will have to make lists; a lot of lists. When making these lists and keeping the membership system up to date you will soon find out that some information the members provide is erroneous and as secretary it is your task to harass these members long enough until they provide you the information you need; of course all in good grace. The secretary is also responsible for writing the newsletter. In this newsletter you can put all your creativity and shake off the stuffiness of slaving away at your little files with names and contact information. Of course you are also responsible for taking minutes of the board meetings and general assemblies. 

Do you have stupendous spreadsheet skills and can you listen and write simultaneously, then hone your skills next year as the secretary of the 36th board! 

Do you have what it takes? Become part of the 36th Board!

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