Become the Chairman of the 37th Board!

27 March 2018

For those that like a challenge, look no further! Being a Chairman is one of the toughest but also most rewarding positions there is. The entire well-being of the organization rests upon your shoulders. Basically, your function is to lead. This makes it the best function of all (but I’m biased of course)!

If you want to become a Chairman just so you can boss people around, you’re probably not Chairman material. As a Chairman you’re responsible for the functioning of the board and association. This means you need to be a teamplayer, because you’re not going to make it through the year on your own - and that’s a fact. As a Chairman your biggest assets are your fellow board members, their functioning is key. With your fellow board members you will run the entire organisation. And you will be the one who will make it run like a well oiled machine or let the wheels spin out of control.

As a Chairman you will be the main representative (fACE, puns are mandatory) of ACE. Which means you will maintain a professional and amicable relationship with third parties, such as our members, partners and other associations. One other major thing you will need to keep an eye on is the long term goals. The policy plan is a key factor in all of this, since it composes your strategy and objectives to achieve your goals. This year the long term goals will be revised, and you as a Chairman will be a key player in setting up the long term goals for the next five years. This will be a major responsibility but equally rewarding.

So do you think you’ve got what it takes? To join the ranks of ACE and guide it towards greatness, where our glorious association will reach beyond the stars? All fun and games aside: being Chairman is a hell of a task but the most rewarding one you’ll ever have.

The application deadline is April 30, 20:00h and can be send to

>>> For any questions or additional information, don’t hesitate to come by the office, call or email! <<<

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