Become the Chairman of the 38th Board

20 March 2019

If you have what it takes to lead a diverse group of people, and you have a big sense of responsibility, then the position of Chairman is right for you. As Chairman, you might not see your work pay off every day, but you are working for the bigger picture in the long run. You are the one that makes sure the association stays alive, which is a challenge - a rewarding one.

As Chairman you need to be diplomatic, empathetic and charismatic. You are not just there to delegate, you are there to be responsible for your board. If that means working extra hours, you are the one that shoulders it. You can’t always get what you want, but you can always get what your board wants. Your board is what you depend on, and thus you need to respect and nurture your fellow board members and let them do their own thing. Micromanaging is a no go! You should be able to work together with the others, and steer the ship of ACE through the rough seas.

You are not only an internal Chairman, but you are also the face of the association to the outside world (following the tradition of calling it ‘the fACE’). You need to have a heart for your members, be a good partner to the faculty and third parties, and be a good brother association to the other associations. You are part of KORF and Interfaculty Rotterdam, and keeping those bonds strong will help you majorly with organizing events and getting good gifts at your DIES and CoBo.

Working on the long term can sound hard, but you are the one that shapes the policy plan for your year. Remember what is most important to you, and be strong in those decisions. Not everybody will always support your goals, but you should be able to defend it and make sure they are the right goals to keeping the association healthy.

Are you ready to build upon greatness? Do you think you are able to use your best traits to further ACE? If so, sign up to become Chairman and take the next step in your career. 

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