Become the Editor-in-Chief of the 38th Board

8 April 2019

Wanted: creative and innovative Editor-in-Chief for the 38th Board of IFA ACE! As you might be aware, EmbrACE is the best faculty magazine on campus. We print four issues per year with a team of 11 to 16 editors. You, your committee chairman and your designer work together during a process of 6 weeks to make sure a new issue gets to the houses of our members.

Beginning with the brainstorming session with your editorial team. Make sure everybody gets heard, and that there is enough space for everybody’s own ideas and suggestions. Once you have a solid base and theme, you are responsible for setting the deadlines. This means running after people A LOT, and bothering them on WhatsApp, but hey! It’s for the greater good. Plus your editors will be grateful once they see how gorgeous the printed version of their article looks. Once the articles are handed in, you and a final editing team make sure everything is actually grammatically correct. Then, you and the designer go to work and make an awesome looking magazine!

Of course, keeping EmbrACE online updated and running is an important aspect as well. Don’t worry - you have a committed team of editors ready with thoughts they want to share!

If you have a heart for journalism, and an eye for graphic design, this is THE spot for you. Reach for full potential and become Editor-in-Chief of the 38th Board of ACE! But remember, this position is to be done in conjunction with any one of the 6 main Board positions available. You can combine the function of Editor-in-Chief with any of them. So what are you waiting for? Go apply now!

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