Become the External Relations Manager of the 38th Board

27 March 2019

If you are confident that you will be approachable, sharp-witted and assertive, then the External Relations Manager is certainly the choice you would like to make. Your main responsibility is to be the first line of contact with external parties. That means that whenever the association needs to reach someone beyond the University walls you would be the first person to do this. Of course, you would be the contact person within the university business as well.

In fact, the position has this business-like character. You will be taking care of acquisitions and partnerships, you will be in constant search of new sponsors but also (and most importantly) maintain good relations with the current ones. The position itself requires a lot of self-management and self-discipline as it is the most “liberal” position within the board. After you would have consulted with your fellow board members regarding which new connections to build and how to nurture existing ones, it is up to you to make the future decisions about the ties that the association will have with other organizations. It is up to you to make a base for successful collaborations, and it is up to you how you make the association recognizable within the university and beyond. 

Your job will not be limited to the office phone calls and e-mails. You will do quite some work in the fields and at the meetings with a diverse pool of clientele.

Finally, the External Relations Manager takes part in the SGN (Student History Netherlands) board, which organizes the annual SGN day and some additional events.

Sounds exciting? Then sign up to become an External Relations Manager and take the next step in your career. 

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