Become the Internal Relations Manager of 38th Board

1 April 2019

This year there was no Internal Relations Manager and the tasks were divided amongst the five board members of the 37th Board. But who better to tell you about this position than the Internal Relations Manager of the 36th Board? Here's what he has to say about the function:

"As Internal Relations Manager of the association you have by far the coolest job title, but also the most difficult time explaining what it you actually do. How about I start with the things you have to do, before I move on to the fun stuff. You are responsible for communicating ACE’s ideas with the ESHCC staff, sorting out what books are needed for our book sale and trying to find ways to connect ACE activities to the faculty; now, there are multiple ways to do this, but I’ll touch more upon this matter in my board manual. As you’re part of a Faculty Association, it is strongly recommended to exchange ideas and to work together with lecturers and staff from our faculty. You’ll find that many others will find these experiences fun and motivating as well! One co-operative task between you and the faculty, is that of keeping ESHCC Today up-to-date on a weekly basis. ESHCC Today consists of slides that are about ACE, the Faculty and possibly other events occurring in and around university.

A typical week of mine consists of staying in touch with faculty staff, filling in datumprikkers (and LOTS of them) - don’t be startled if you notice that your agenda gets filled up by “datumprikkers” throughout the year. It’s often easiest to start the day with checking emails, along with a coffee. Usually this is also when I create my to-do list for the day. It’s interesting to realise how often you’ll be in meetings; whether they are with lecturers, your boardies, or any external party. All in all, as an Internal Relations Manager, be prepared to stay in touch with a lot of people; which sounds stressful upon initially reading this, but I have really enjoyed it thus far!

One of my favorite aspects of being Internal Relations Manager is that you have the potential to take up projects and initiatives by yourself. You can collaborate with lecturers, other associations (you’ll meet enough along the way, trust me), or other parties. For example, together with a couple of study associations, we organized a pub-lecture for charity! Definitely make sure to explore your options on this aspect, because organising these events are among the most exciting ones, since they can be completely up to you!"

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