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4 April 2019

As Marketing Manager you will have a lot to do each week. But don't be scared because a lot of the things are fun and creatively challenging.

I started this position without knowing much about Adobe software. So if that is concerning you even a little, trust me, you will be fine! You don’t have to be a pro with these programs yet: practice makes perfect and creative ideas are key. And if you already are a pro at using the software, then hurray! I can't wait to see you take this function to a new level.

First of all, a big part of your job description will be handling social media. After all, it is 2019 and ‘being online’ is what we do. This means your working hours aren't exactly fixed as you will need to share Instagram stories during events, reply to members on social media, reply to your committee questions, and so on.

In terms of social media, you will need to update Facebook and the website pretty often as all our events go online there. For the website, you will be responsible for ensuring the EmbrACE articles go online every week, that the events calendar is updated, that the applications, tickets and forms work properly for events, etc. As such, you will be the main contact person for relaying information to the website host if anything needs changing. Of course, who can forget Instagram. This was used a lot this year, and we added some templates for our stories and highlights. This year we also started using our LinkedIn page and as the next Marketing Manager, it will be your responsibility to boost its reach and visibility.

Secondly, you will consult with the Marketing Managers of each committee to talk about their ideas. Sometimes you will need to go the extra mile and help them with the designs or marketing texts if they aren't too sure on using the editing tools themselves.

Thirdly, you will have to dive into Photoshop and InDesign to create new banners, awesome posters or new items and gadgets for our members. This will help you promote our association on campus during big events such as the Eurekaweek.

Fourthly, you will take fun pictures at the board organised events! You will also need to post the pictures taken by your committee on Facebook.

Honestly, at the end of it all, you are going to be super happy to see people enjoy their freebies, to see your creative designs come to life, and of course the compliments you will get along the way for keeping ACE nicely visible ;)

Are you excited yet? Do you feel inspired and are you ready to let all of your creative ideas help share the visions of ACE all over campus? Then this is the function for you! So go apply and become the Marketing Manager of the 38th Board of ACE!

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