Become the Secretary of the 37th Board!

29 March 2018

Reading this will be the best choice you’ll make today. ACE’s Secretary is responsible for the written communication with the association’s members, former board members, brother and sister associations, and third parties. This means that you carry the great responsibility of reading and replying to emails in time, and yes, occasionally written letters as well, they still exist! You will decide whether the correspondence ACE receives is something that the other board members should see as well. Sending out invitation cards for core events such as the Constitution Drink and the Dies Natalis - which the Marketing Manager designs - also fall under this segment of your tasks.

Now, here your function gets really important: the Secretary keeps the account of all the current members and processes any alterations to this account. He also has to make sure this is done within the boundaries of Dutch and any other applicable law. You will find your newly acquired connections with the Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Rotterdam (JFR) especially useful here. Another thing that makes the Secretary the pillar of the association is that he safeguards and updates the Statutes and the Regulations of the association.

Another one of your duties is to keep track of who is coming to an event in collaboration with the Marketing Manager and the Treasurer. In effect, this means you will make lists; a lot of lists. When making these lists and keeping the member database up to date, you will find out that some information the members provide is erroneous and as Secretary it is your task to harass these members long enough until they provide you the information you need - of course all in good grace.

The Secretary is also tasked with writing the monthly newsletter. Pour all your creativity into this, since it’s a great outlet for your Id’s accumulated unexpressed feelings. Free yourself from mental slavery to spreadsheets and find all the best photos of events and the funniest GIFs to put in there while still keeping it an informative read.

Naturally, taking minutes of the board meetings and General Assemblies also belongs to your duties, so get ready for some shaky hands at the end of a GA full of complicated comments and questions!

Do you wish to tread where the great have trodden? Can you stand the nauseating goosebumps one gets from being called sexretary once in a while? Do you have erotic fantasies about spreadsheets? Are you up to the task of not going blind from looking at computer screens - I was miraculously immune to this -? Are you willing to write on a coaster instead of the parchment you are worthy of, when visiting other association’s drinks? Do you master the skill of the ancient gods to listen and write simultaneously? Will you guard our unholy scrolls with your life if need be? Then I will say no more, but that you should als de wiedeweerga apply to become ACE’s 37th Secretary!


Your predecessor

The application deadline is April 30, 20:00h and can be send to

>>> For any questions or additional information, don’t hesitate to come by the office, call or email! <<<

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