Become the Treasurer of the 38th Board

25 March 2019

Always wanted to feel like the monopoly man? Handle more money than Uncle DUO? If that is the case, then Treasurer is the job for you!

As Treasurer you will become the financial center of ACE, an all seeing deity that keeps his/her balances in check. And like the Illuminati, you will be working from the shadows. You'll become familiar with the financial administration of the association, keeping track of all incoming and outgoing transactions. You will also be the key person in determining how ACE will spend its budget through its committees. And last but not least, make sure that these committees spend your precious budget well.

You will gain experience in various areas during your board year. You will become acquainted with digital accounting, filing all incoming and outgoing transactions that go through the association into our digital administration. You will also be the main contact point within the association's financial department when contacting businesses such as the faculty, the university, the bank, and other organisations ACE cooperates with. You will develop a good sense of responsibility by controlling the budget of the association, and intensively work with the biggest committees of the association.

All in all, Treasurers need to be precise in their work, be able to maintain a good overview of what is going on within the association, have a good sense of responsibility, and should not be puzzled by numbers. By the end of the year you'll be an unstoppable force, that can create order out of any chaotic situation! Are you ready to be the treasurer? If so, then sign up here. 

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