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15 February 2017

The function of the treasurer is as old as the hills. Even the Romans had certain quaestors, who were responsible for looking after their chest of gold.But time flies of course. After accounting became digitalised more and more, having a clear view on an association's’ finances is now much easier. Although this might seem like a daily computer life doing important things nobody knows about, there is more than just living on this lonely treasure island!

Of course, taking care of revenue and expenditure such as paying bills and looking after member payments is part of the daily job. However, communication is key. The International Faculty Association ACE has thirteen committees, all with their own budget. These are made in agreement between the treasurer of the committee and the overall treasurer of the association. Although making a budget looks like a one-time job, keeping in touch with it is way more important. To have the ultimate overview of the association's financial status, daily budget checking and making appointments with committee treasurers is needed to be up to date at any time. Furthermore, you are responsible for all financial contact between the association and its partners, such as the faculty, the university, the bank and other organisations ACE is cooperating with.

Finally, the treasurer takes part in the Long Trip committee, a financial responsibility you do not want to lose. Since the Long Trip is the last main event of the year, the treasurer needs to have the capability to be accurate until the very last moment of the academic year. 

Do you have what it takes? Become part of the 36th Board!

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