Berdan's Binge-Watch Corner #3

9 February 2018

Dear readers, my name is Berdan and welcome to my binge-watch corner. As for today, I will monthly update you with the best recommendations when it comes to binge-watching. Whether it’s movies or series, whether it’s comedy or horror, drama or science fiction; you’ll find all of it over here on the EmbrACE online magazine. So, jump in, and join me on my crazy ride through the land of Netflix. Who wouldn’t want to live there?


Binge #3: Chelsea

‘’I am treating my show like the college education I forgot to get’’: they’re not my words, although, I sometimes dare to wish they were. These are the words of Chelsea Handler; let me introduce you to this phenomenal lady. Chelsea has had several talk shows before joining the Netflix family (which I desperately want to be adopted by, sorry mom). But, this one isn’t at all like the talk shows she used to do and the talk shows that you know. In collaboration with Netflix, Chelsea’s giving the modern talk show a new name; hers to be precise. What makes this show so special is that Chelsea actually forces herself to be interested in things she never, ever gave one single #*!@& about. Oh, by the way, Chelsea lo-o-oves to swear. I mean, it’s Netflix, you can say anything you want.

As you might’ve expected, Chelsea doesn’t spare you. She says everything that pop ups in her mind; she is the definition of straightforward and there’s no other way to describe this power-woman. You can frequently spot Chelsea in a high-wasted skirt with a tucked-in t-shirt that either says ‘’Sorry for our president’’ in a billion different languages or points to her German-Jewish roots that gives her some sort of immunity to make jokes about everyone. Not to forget, when Chelsea announces something or someone that really, really annoys her (like Donald Trump, or people who say ‘’irregardless’’) be prepared for the best roast you’ve ever seen.

Chelsea is the person that actually asks the questions you secretly want her to ask to her guests. Sometimes, they’re super inappropriate and very personal, but that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Guests often deliberately spill their tea when with Chelsea. She just sucks the juicy answers out of them. Speaking of her guests, they cover the most diverse topics. She even has themed dinner parties with people you totally want to be BFFs with, like the cast of Scandal or OITNB, professional athletes like NFL stars Russel Wilson, gymnast Aly Raisman and Muhammed Ali’s daughter Laila Ali, or just some of her ‘casual’ friends like Trevor Noah, Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon. She also travels around the world and completely blends in. She plays drinking games with geishas in Tokyo, takes a Bollywood class in Mumbai and hits the pub to gauge opinions about Brexit in London. 

Becoming a Tesla-Uber driver in disguise, attending a Dog Show, renting her house to a Filipino family on Airbnb while she’s home at the same time… there isn’t a thing Chelsea hasn’t done, tried or drank. Oh, another fun fact: Chelsea loves to drink. Her way of saying she’s drunk is that she’s sh*tfaced. I could go on for hours about how she marches for women rights, discusses migrant issues and chats with the greatest movie stars, but you’ll have to see yourself! 

Check out the full second season, and the best moments of the first season of Chelsea, only on Netflix. And remember, just pick the episode that appeals to you the most! One thing’s for sure, Chelsea’s gonna swear in it and she’s gonna make you laugh. And if I haven’t convinced you yet, she has her dogs walking around on stage and they’re half-bear, half-something else.

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