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EmbrACE magazine is the magazine of The Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC) and International Faculty Association ACE. EmbrACE magazine binds students with the faculty and society by opinions and background stories about culture, history and media. The EmbrACE is published four times a year. The editorial team behind the magazine also writes articles that will be posted on the website throughout the year. All members of ACE will receive a copy of the magazine. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the magazine or want to discuss other issues concerning the EmbrACE, please send an email to editorinchief@ifaace.nl.

DISCLAIMER: the EmbrACE is a platform where members of the editorial team are free to let their opinions be heard on a variety of subjects. However, one must keep in mind that their opinions are just that and don't reflect the opinion of the Association.

Dear APA I am leaving you!

11 Mar 19
When I saw you for the first time at the Academic Skills tutorial, you seemed neat and organized. You were necessary, and I was willing to get to......
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EmbrACE Online celebrates International Women's Day

8 Mar 19
To honor International Women’s Day, the Embrace editors would like to share with you which woman/women have inspired them the most throughout their lives. Whether it’s their mom, or a public figure, women leave their mark on every life they touch. As daughters, mothers, sisters, but most importantly independent women we need to be reminded of our inherent strength....
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Review: Velvet Buzzsaw

7 Mar 19
“The demand has people ready to kill” - quite literally, when you watch Dan Gilroy’s new thriller Velvet Buzzsaw recently produced by Netflix. Set in what is portrayed as the money-hungry, fame......
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