Lives in lessons

12 January 2018

- By Lena Mingzhu Weiberlenn

you taught me to consider other people’s perspectives and backgrounds. something that doesn’t bother me might affect someone else with a severity i couldn’t even imagine.

you taught me to cherish tradition by learning about our family’s and by creating our own.

you fuelled the fire in my heart that burns for classical music.

by playing the devil’s advocate, you pushed me to be more curious, to ask more questions, not to blindly accept everything.

you taught me how the tides work and what dikes are for.

i learned how to most efficiently empty a water bottle, i still do that to this day.

i grew to love nature and the countryside more than i ever could have without you.

you showed me my favourite place on this planet.

you kept me connected to our family’s history and the language that came with it.

i learned that we literally lived in between.

you kept me accountable to do what i promised i would. for myself and others; for family and strangers.

you told me stories about the sufferings of our family, of you, and they taught me history from a completely different angle.

you were proud of me for being myself.

you didn’t question the person i wanted to become; or the ones i was while i was figuring that out.

you encouraged me not to give up when things were difficult, when it felt like i wasn’t good enough to do them or when they just seemed too hard and complicated to achieve.

you showed me how strong love can be.

you showed me that it’s okay to fail; to try something and decide it’s not for you and then look for something that is.

you inspired me to aim for better, in every aspect of my life.

you listened to my stories.

you loved me no matter what.

and i will love you no matter what.

we miss you. say hi to grandma for me.

yours truly und auf ewig,



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