Meet the 37th Board!

13 June 2018

Excited about the applicants for the 37th Board? So are we! Although it will still be a while before they will - hopefully - be an acting board, we just couldn't wait to tell you more about them! So here we go:

Chairman/Editor-in-Chief: Robin Roos

"Hi! My name is Robin Roos and I’m proud to announce that I have climbed the ladder at ACE from mere EXPO chairman to applicant for the Chairman (with capital C) AND Editor-in-Chief positions for the 37th board. I’m an IBCoM student living in Leiden and happy to represent our dear ACE. I hope to drink a lot of beer with you guys, have great events and deliver some awesome EmbrACE issues to you. In my free time you can find me at concerts, or getting tattoos or petting dogs or all 3 at the same time. If you ever want to get a palm/tarot card reading, hit me up!"

Secretary: Jing Wen

"Hello there. My name is Jing (静), which is a Chinese character meaning "quiet". However, since I'm hoping to be the new secretary of ACE next year, that will mean I won't be quiet at all and will keep "talking" to you via tons of newsletters/emails! I'm currently a second year IBCoM student who will finish her bachelor next summer, so, I've made myself a to-do list for the very last year before I graduate: traveling, doing sports, learning new languages... and doing a board year! I'm looking forward to spending an exciting year together with fellow ACE'ers...especially ACE'ers who can let me pet their doggos and cats! (I'm kidding. Love you all)"

Treasurer: Loet Liebregts

"Hi, I’m Loet, hopefully next year’s Treasurer of ACE. You may know me either as the one and only ‘Brabander’ or perhaps as the baby of ACE, since I’m just 18 years old. Or you won't know me, which I think is a shame for them. A Board Year can be very tough and difficult, just look at our current board, but I think I have the position of treasurer covered. I hope I already know the most important task of a treasurer - controlling the money -, and even though I’m not sure yet, I’ll have some time to figure it out. 

Money, there are all sorts of money: you have coins, online banking and Paper-money. Paper-money is made out of paper, paper is made out of trees, trees are part of nature. Do you know what is made out of natural products? BEER! I’ll stay close to my heritage and I’ll end with some wise words of musicians from my hometown. "Ik moet zuipen, barman hedde gij men nie geheurd, doe mij wa bier ieder kwartier". Hopefully everyone enjoyed last night and got hammered with us."

External Relations Manager: Marcin Nguyen

"Greetings everyone! Marcin here! I am half Polish and half Vietnamese, and it is my pleasure to be the applicant for the External Relations Manager position of the 37th board of ACE. Currently, I am a bachelor student of the International Bachelor Communication and Media. I am a huge fan of sports, I enjoy meeting people from all around the world and love to pretend that I am a wines & spirits connoisseur. I believe that we will bring to light the ambitious, fun and creative spirit that we have within ACE! And flourish our potential that lies clearly at hand. Looking forward to meeting you all!"

Marketing Manager: Shreya Bhattacharya

"This is Shreya. Applicant for the Marketing Manager position of the House of ACE. 37th of her name, the traveller, Queen of memes and everything nice, breaker of awkward conversations, protector of everything ACE, and mother of delicious dark chocolates.

Jokes aside (or not), hi everyone! I am Shreya and I live and love my semi-nomadic lifestyle. You will either find me living in a different city or country every few years or see me travelling somewhere new every year. I Might be 21 but I have seen 27 beautiful countries and plan on continuing that. But of all, Rotterdam stole my heart and after my exchange last year, I am back again to make the most of my life as a ESHCC student. What better way than to join ACE as a board member?! ACE is definitely new territory for me but I like all things new and challenging. So this year is all about meeting new people and making ACE and you proud of all the great things we achieve :) Can't wait to welcome you all!"

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