Meet the future 38th Board!

17 June 2019

Excited about the applicants for the 38th Board? So are we! Although it will still be a while before they will be an acting board, we just couldn't wait to tell you more about them! So here we go:

Chairman/Editor-in-Chief: Dané van Hemert

Hi everyone, my name is Dané van Hemert and I’m super excited to become the Chairman/Editor-in-Chief of ACE next year! After spending much time within ACE over the past few years, now the time has come to upgrade into a board member. Currently, I’m finishing IBCoM so that I can devote my time to organising great events – and, of course, have lots of beers (possibly one tequila) at the social drinks. I’m 21 years old and from Almelo, in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Luckily, I have traded the countryside for Rotterdam! I’m looking forward to creating some great memories with the 38th board and all its members, and to creating exciting Embrace issues. See you soon!

Secretary: Kai Chen

Hey hey! My name is Kai and I am the candidate for the Secretary position of the 38th board of ACE. I was born and raised in Germany, but I had the blessing to grow up with two very different cultures since my parents are originally from China. I moved to Rotterdam last year in September and I am currently in my first year of Arts and Culture Studies. One of my biggest passions is travelling and meeting people from all over the world. I love going to concerts and cooking as well and I am that kind of person who spends hours and hours on planning their Instagram feed. Also, I am always up for coffee and fangirling over all sorts of random stuff, so hit me up if you want to have a chat! The board year is definitely going to be challenging, but I am ready to embark on this new adventure with ACE and I cannot wait to connect with all of you!

Treasurer/Internal Relations Manager: Albert Jan van Dalen

My name is Albert Jan van Dalen, next year I will be the (preliminary) Treasurer and Internal Relations Manager of our little blue association. Currently I am studying the very prospective study that is history, which basically means that I can recount the “Plakkaat van Verlatinghe” in backward order whilst drunk. I hope that next year will be a fun one.

Marketing Manager/External Relations Manager: Demi Heijboer

Dear ACE’ers! My name is Demi, and currently I am a third year IBCoM student. After several years of being an active member within our association, I believe it’s time to take the next step to further develop myself (and of course to continue partying with you all). So, I am beyond excited to announce that I hope to fulfil the positions of Marketing Manager and External Relations Manager of the 38th Board of ACE! During the upcoming year I hope to organise fun and exciting events, meet lots of new people and together with my fellow boardies, I am sure we will achieve great things!

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