Meet the new Editor-in-Chief and Chairman!

27 September 2017

The new academic year is up and running. That means it is time to kick off a new EmbrACE Magazine year as well! In this short introduction, we would like to introduce ourselves and the magazine we work for.

My name is Romy de Wijs and as some of you might already know I’ll be the Editor-in-Chief of the EmbrACE this year. I’m 22 years old, I study History and I love to write.  Before becoming the Editor-in-Chief, I had been an Editor at the EmbrACE for three years.

And my name is Matthias de Heer. I am 22 years old and a Master student in History and Media & Journalism at the Erasmus University. I have the honour to fulfill the brand-new position of chairman of the EmbrACE editorial team this year.

EmbrACE is the official faculty magazine of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. Although there is - logically speaking - a main focus on history, culture and communication, our interests and those of the editorial team are very broad which makes EmbrACE an always exciting and surprising read!

In the first place EmbrACE is a printed magazine, published for the faculty and members of International Study Association ACE. Our main goal thereby is providing our readers a well-designed magazine filled with intriguing, fun and interesting articles. Just as important, we are keeping track of the online and digital developments in the wonderful world of journalism. By doing so, you will hear a lot of our writers on our website and Facebook page!

Let's EmbrACE this year!

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