New Year, New Me?

8 January 2018

By Romy de Wijs - First of all, I wish you all a very happy New Year! Can’t believe we’re already living in 2018 – where did the time go? Already half-way through my board year; time to start finishing up my thesis; left my childhood house forever – literally, it has been sold; us getting older and older and people expecting us to act like real grown-ups … Yeah, that escalated quickly, sorry about that.

Let’s just get back to the fact that this is a new year with new chances and put away all the panicking for a moment. I know it seems silly to make new years’ resolutions, but isn’t it also the very best moment to do so? Even though in the end we hardly keep the promises we make at the beginning of a new year, it might be a good re-evaluation of what needs to change, or even better: of the things you said three years ago you want to do and just really should start doing. To get you all started I’ll give you my own first. Just one thing: this is a non-judging-zone.  

Cleanin’ Out My Closet

If you’re as bad in spending money on clothes as I am, every now and then it’s time to clean out your entire wardrobe to make room for new clothes or more importantly a ‘new you’. Yes, you heard me. It is time to throw out those items you thought would rock 2017 but you’ve never worn. Pick up every item, look at it carefully and ask yourself this: have I worn this in the past six months? If not… Let’s just say that I’m going to make the Salvation Army really happy. 

Exercising More

When it comes to this, every year is the same. I’m not really the athletic typ girl so exercising seems to be the struggle of my life. Especially while doing a board year this is kind of mandatory, lots of free beer and stuff. However, I already made a step into the right direction since I got a sports card a few months ago. Not proud to say I’ve only been a couple of times so far – hence the no judging part.

Read More & Write More

These two seem to appear in parallel in my case. Just now I was reading the latest issue of ELLE and got inspired. This article is the result of that and since I really enjoy writing and have many unread books on my bookshelf, I figure it’s about time I combined the two again in 2018.

Try Out New Recipes

I might not be a kitchen-princess – yet – but hell I love eating. Also, this could help working towards a healthier body together with the exercising. If only I could let go of chocolate…

Stress Less

This year I might haven taken on a bit too much when it comes to work. Working two jobs next to doing a board year makes sure you don’t have a lot of free time to relax. If it wasn’t for the fact that I totally love all of these things I’d probably have had to drop something by now. But the thing is I’m a perfectionist, which sometimes makes things harder than they actually are. In 2018 I will therefore remind myself that it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes and that not everything always needs to be done perfectly. I have to learn to not always want to do everything myself. Also, taking time for myself every now and then is also necessary.

By now I’ve learned that these resolutions shouldn’t be a promise. It’s good to write them down and be honest with what changes you’d like to see for the New Year. However, you shouldn’t forget that during this New Year a lot of new things could happen. Not accomplishing these resolutions is therefore – in my eyes – not necessarily a failure, it just means that other things might have gotten priority over time. But you know what they say: there’s always next year.

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