What You Should Know about Doing A Board Year

27 Jan 20
We're only halfway through the year, but the current 38th board is already taking the first steps for the next board of ACE! A board year is an extremely valuable experience, allowing you to grow personally and professionally. Of course, it is also great fun! To give you a little more insight, we provide you with a list of what "Doing A Board Year Means..."...
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Why do we procrastinate - and how can we change it?

16 Jan 20
It’s somewhere in the late afternoon on a Tuesday in January. You’ve got a ton of reading to do, two calls to make, a bill to pay, and an article to write. Instead of doing any of this, you lay down on the couch and watch Netflix. After all, it’s dark outside and it just started raining (again?!). You’ll do those things tomorrow morning, before your 11 am lecture. As if....
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First Student Problems: Housing

14 Jan 20
I hear it all around me, whether they're Dutch or international students – many struggle with finding (permanent) housing in Rotterdam. Some can only find temporary housing, let’s say for half a year. Of course, at least this is something, but moving 6 times in the course of your 3-year bachelor is far from ideal. It’s logical that when you first move to a new city you’re not familiar with all the housing initiatives that Rotterdam and the University offer....
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18 Feb 20
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26 Feb 20
Board Interest Drink #1
28 Feb 20
Short Trip: Naples & Pompeii
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