Saaiqa Takes On... Coming Out

30 May 18
By Saaiqa Merali - “Coming out of the closet” is a metaphor used by the LGBT+ community to describe their self-disclosure of the sexual orientation or gender identity. For this month’s edition, I talked to a fellow EmbrACE editor and columnist, Berdan Kaplan, about his recent coming out....
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Solo Travelling – a Great Adventure or a Lonesome Journey?

28 May 18
​By Ina Weber - After another busy year, finally the summer break is approaching. Even if that means pulling yourself together and powering through the last exams and essays, the reward for all the hard work in form of holidays is close. However, making travel plans with friends can be a task more complicated than any assignment from the past few months....
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Thoughts on Home

21 May 18
By Cassandra Langenskiöld - Home is a concept that can be elusive for some people. It may exist as a concrete entity, a house in a particular town in a particular country. For others, it may be a loose collection of memories and...
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17 May 18
By Lena Mingzhu Weiberlenn - The dust stuck to the sole of Fiona’s feet as she walked up the stairs to her grandparents’ old attic. Dust bunnies hid between the hidden treasures and boxes that were stored up there. She wasn’t looking for anything specific at first; just the smell of...
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