Become the Chairman of the 37th Board!

27 Mar 18
For those that like a challenge, look no further! Being a Chairman is one of the toughest but also most rewarding positions there is. The entire well-being of the organization rests upon your shoulders. Basically, your function is to lead. This makes it the...
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Do Billions Make China a Football Nation?

27 Mar 18
By Matthias de Heer - In one of my favourite television programmes, Door het Hart van China [Through the Heart of China], the Dutch-yet-fluently-Chinese-speaking documentary maker Ruben Terlou travels through China and comes across the most amazing stories...
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From Bathroom to Private Wellness

23 Mar 18
​By Celine Tandoyo - The bathroom has evolved from a place merely for cleaning oneself to a space for relaxation. Especially in this hyper-busy era where people are constantly bombarded by information and multitasking, people need a personal moment where they can pause...
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25 Apr 19
Medieval Meal/ Middeleeuwsch Mael
9 May 19
Laser Tag
16 May 19
Interfaculty Party
14 Jul 19
Long Trip 2019: Morocco
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