Nothing More but a Chair and a Ruler

20 Mar 18
By Lena Mingzhu Weiberlenn - It was 8am and all the students were sitting in their seats with their pens in their hands. Well, almost all of them. Busting through the door was the student that always sat front and centre. Gasping an apology to the teacher, they sat down on their chair. Exam sheets were handed out to everyone in the classroom along with a wooden ruler....
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Berdan's Binge-Watch Corner #4

16 Mar 18
Dear readers, my name is Berdan and welcome to my binge-watch corner. As for today, I will monthly update you with the best recommendations when it comes to binge-watching. Whether it’s movies or series, whether it’s comedy or horror, drama or science fiction; you’ll find all of it over here...
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Leeuwarden: European Capital of Culture 2018

15 Mar 18
By Klara Weygand - Leeuwarden? Yes, the capital city of Friesland, the province in the north of the Netherlands, is the European Capital City of Culture 2018. A lot of construction has been happening the last year, from making a lot of new roundabouts to giant head statues and plenty of cultural activities through the year....
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Rationality in the USA: A Growing Concern?

13 Mar 18
By Aaron Beard - ​Since the 2016 election, every time I have gone back to the US it feels a little different. I’m not quite sure if that is because of the people that are in power, or just because there is a different feeling amongst the people, but either way, it feels like a different country....
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