Lena's Literature Impressions

15 Dec 17
Welcome, dear reader, to my Literature Impressions. Amongst the plethora of books and writings out there, we all have very different tastes in what we choose to read in our [not so] spare time....
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Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Dutch Winter Weather!

14 Dec 17
By Aaron Beard - There are so many things about The Netherlands; it has a vibrant social atmosphere, great beer, and I mean have you tried the fries? It doesn’t get much better than that. However, there is one area in which The Netherlands ranks pretty low in my book: the weather....
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The Terrifying Experience of Buying a Bike

11 Dec 17
​By Klara Weygand - Hi! I’m Klara and I’m from Croatia where we don’t have a lot of bike lanes. I hadn’t driven a bike in 15 years before moving here. Not that I haven’t sat on a bike in 15 years, I just didn’t own a bike so I didn’t have the opportunity to drive it around for more than 5 minutes when I would use my friend’s bicycle....
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