Messaging in School: the Evolution

3 Nov 17
By Klara Weygand - ​Remember the times in elementary school when you were still just a kid and felt super bored in class so you started to find ways of entertaining yourself? As a kid I loved sending notes to my friends. You'd tear a piece of paper from your notebook – usually a top right corner – scribble something on it to start a conversation. Krsssssch and you are caught. So you had to fake a cough or wait for the moment everyone is going through pages of their textbook since that could muffle the sound....
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Message: Digital Communication

31 Oct 17
By Aaron Beard - What is a message? Really, think about it, what is a message? Well in the 21st century, a message is generally a means of digital communication. Every day all of our phones are bombed with texts, Whatsapp messages, Facebook messages, and even those sneaky Instagram dms! We tend to not notice this trend because it is becoming so heavily ingrained in the 21st-century society, but it is now a fact that the average adult spends at least 3 hours on their phone each day....
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Compass of shame

27 Oct 17
By Sonia Juillet - Radios crackling. Sirens blaring. Red and blue lights flashing. It’s a situation I never thought I’d ever find myself in and it terrified me. The uniformed woman and man standing in front of me smiled encouragingly as I stuttered and stumbled my way through my statement. I felt cold. I felt lost. I had never had to deal with such an experience before. What is one supposed to do?...
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Message: The issue with the two blue check marks

24 Oct 17
By Ina Weber - Work, the household, worrying about the future, procrastinating instead of studying and then worrying even more - there are many things which make our life a bit more uncomfortable than it could be. While some causes of stress cannot be deleted from our daily agenda, many of them could be avoided easily. Especially our beloved smartphones are one of these actually unnecessary sources of stress, but they also fulfill an incredibly important function: communication....
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