The Imperfect Perfection

16 Jan 18
​By Polina Novikova - Have you ever read a book and noticed a character that seems a bit off? The character that is perfect in every way — intelligent, beautiful, strong and almost too flawless to be plausible?...
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Lives in lessons

12 Jan 18
​By Lena Mingzhu Weiberlenn - you taught me to consider other people’s perspectives and backgrounds. something that doesn’t bother me might affect someone else with a severity i couldn’t even imagine....
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"Your Culture is not Unique"

9 Jan 18
​By Saaiqa Merali - On a recent trip down the Facebook video rabbit-hole, I came across a vlogger’s take on how cultures are not unique, and frequently borrow from each other. In a world where ‘us and them’ is a constant rhetoric, I feel that similarities should be the bigger focus rather than differences....
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